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This web site is operated by Little Guy Media, the digital photography training company headed up by Rob Galbraith. The site known originally as was first launched in 1996, as an exercise in self-publishing documentary photo stories. Starting in mid-2000 it evolved into a resource of news and reviews for working photographers.

In 2003, the site was renamed Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights, to emphasize our mandate of providing reliable and practical information on digital photography and digital technology.

Today, Rob Galbraith DPI is a part-time endeavor for several people, including:

  Publisher/Co-Editor Rob Galbraith

galbraith_bio.jpgAs a staff photographer at the Calgary Herald, Rob Galbraith was dragged kicking and screaming into the electronic age when the paper began its conversion to all-NC2000 digital photography in mid-1994.

A trip to Rwanda later that year, shooting and transmitting via satellite phone nothing but NC2000 images, convinced him that digital was the future of photojournalism. In 1995, Galbraith shot the first picture captured with a digital camera to be nominated for a National Newspaper Award, one of Canadian journalism's highest honours.

From 1998 to 2012, Galbraith worked as a freelance editorial photographer, digital photography trainer and workflow consultant. In 2012 he joined the staff of the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, as a photojournalism instructor. He's based in Calgary, Canada.

Co-Editor Mike Sturk

sturk_bio.jpgMike Sturk is a freelance photographer doing a variety of editorial work for clients such as EPA (European PressPhoto Agency), Canadian Press and Spruce Meadows (a show jumping facility) in Calgary, Canada.

Prior to that, Sturk worked for the Calgary Herald for 13 years, first on a freelance basis, then later as a staff photographer (Galbraith and Sturk worked in the photo department together through most of the '90s).

Says Sturk: " Galbraith bailed me out of digital and computer-related trouble so many times (and often in the middle of the night) at far-off assignments in The Netherlands and Kuwait that I'm still paying him back by working on the site here."

Sturk is shown at left covering Calgary Flames hockey with an early Kodak DCS digital camera.

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