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RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary. It's a format for syndicating content from technology sites such as this one, so that's it's easier to keep current with the ever-growing number of technology news sources proliferating around the Web.

To make use of this site's RSS feed, you must first subscribe to it using an RSS reader, or any software that can interpret RSS. A list of RSS readers for Windows is here. If you're on the Mac and your operating system is OS X 10.4 or later, the Safari web browser doubles as an RSS reader. A list of RSS readers for Mac, in addition to Safari, is here.

To subscribe to this site's RSS feed, add a new subscription to your RSS reader and then type in this URL:


ClickIf you're browsing with Safari or another browser with built-in RSS support, or your computer is configured to automatically hand-off RSS URLs to your RSS reader, click the RSS icon at left. Safari users can also click the RSS icon in the address bar (as shown below) while viewing the front page of the site.


Up to 100 of the most recent articles published on the site are accessible via RSS. The RSS feed is updated automatically and simultaneously when a new article is published (how often the RSS feed is checked, however, is set in your RSS reader).

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