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Send an email to the Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights web site. We would appreciate it if you would help with the sorting process by choosing the appropriate email address below. The volume of email we receive makes it difficult to respond personally to every message; please accept our apologies if we're unable to respond to yours. Please submit information for possible posting in the News section. New product and service announcements are welcome, as are observations, bug reports and tips for professional digital photographers. If the information you're sending is not for publication, please use the email address below instead. Submit information on developments of interest to professional digital photographers that is NOT for publication. This is the email address to send deep background information to. Pass on your thoughts about this web site or digital photography in general. Requests to speak, conduct digital photojournalism seminars, assist with photo department workflow design and provide on-site digital camera training at news organizations are always welcome. Submit inquiries about the contents of this web site. Please note that the search engine (at left) may be able to quickly locate what you need. If you have a technical support or digital imaging question, please direct it to the appropriate area in the forums. Thanks!

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