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Soundslides and the rise of the audio slideshow - Continued

We asked the photographers who we interviewed for this story to send us links to some of their own slideshows that they like best, which we've listed below under each photographer's name. We've also linked to a handful of other good slideshows that we came across while reporting this story. These stories range from quick Soundslides shows to complex multimedia packages with lots of custom Flash programming.

Brian Peterson

His ongoing project documenting the events of everyday life, called Witness, so far comprises more than 30 audio slideshows.

Pauline Lubens

Richard Koci Hernandez

Hernandez directed us to several shows and packages photographed by the Mercury News staff that he produced or co-produced.

Josh Meltzer

Other shows

  • Final Salute: A large story package on the funerals of U.S. soldiers by The Rocky Mountain News for which photographer Todd Heisler and writer Jim Sheeler won Pulitzer Prizes.
  • Brenda Ann Kenneally, who won two NPPA Best of Photojournalism Awards for her exceptional multimedia projects on inner-city life.
  • A White House Photo Op, a fun 30-second Soundslide by The Chicago Tribune's Pete Souza
  • Share your work, a section of the Soundslides forum where the program's users link to Soundslides projects
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