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In pro digital photography, megahertz matters - Continued

The time it took to catalog 200 D100 JPEG photos was tested.

All results are in seconds, rounded to the nearest second. The fastest time for this task is in bold.

Alienware Area-51m 3.06GHz P4 w/1GB RAM, Windows XP Pro
Apple Macintosh Power Mac G4/1.25GHz Dual w/1GB RAM, OS X 10.2.3
Dell Dimension 8200 1.8GHz P4 w/512MB RAM, Windows XP Pro
Apple Macintosh Powerbook G4/800 w/1GB RAM, OS X 10.2.3
Catalog 200 D100 JPEG photos (Extract Thumbnail unchecked)
Testing Notes: Extract Thumbnail in Advanced Options was unchecked, to ensure that the program generated its 256 x 256 pixel thumbnail from the full resolution image data.

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