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Photokina 2000 - A four part overview of products for digital photojournalists at the Photokina 2000 trade show in Cologne, Germany.
29 September 2000
Shooting fireworks with a Nikon D1 - The six steps to successful D1 fireworks photography.
03 July 2000
Readers weigh in on IBM microdrive reliability - a summary of reader responses to a request for feedback on how photographers were faring with the original 340MB microdrive.
23 June 2000
Selecting a CompactFlash card for a pro digital camera - A report on speedy, reliable storage media for Kodak/Canon pro digital cameras and the Nikon D1.
03 February 2000
Digital data transmission with OS 8.6 and an infrared-capable phone - Using a Mac Powerbook's infrared port to send photos with a digital mobile phone.
19 June 1999
Shooting fireworks with a Kodak/Canon pro digital camera - a primer on maximizing the colour and minimizing the noise in long exposure fireworks photography. The technique described for subtracting noise will work equally well with photos from the Nikon D1, if necessary.
03 July 1998
Getting the best colour out of your plug-in (PDF format)- Careful selection and use of acquire plug-ins and Photo Mechanic can dramatically improve the color of NC2000, NC2000e and DCS3 photos.
March 1998

Pixelcount issue
Issue date
The DCS 520 issue (PDF format) - The wraps have been taken off the newest digital camera aimed at news photographers. Four years ago the Nikon-based NC2000e was introduced; this time around Canon is first out of the gate with a unit co-developed with Kodak. Available in late March, the Kodak DCS 520 and its identical twin the Canon EOS D2000 are the long-awaited next step in digital photojournalism.
February/March 1998
The fix-it issue (PDF format) - Battery and charger repair, disk maintenance, CCD cleaning, an overview of digital cellular in North America, making large format display prints from digital camera files, using the MPL MCDisk reader with v4.05 of the Kodak digital camera acquire module and more.
November/December 1997
Summer 1997 issue (PDF format) - Features include a hands-on look at v4.01 of Kodak's digital camera acquire module, an overview of Michael Evan's JPEG autoprocessing software and a how-to on fill-flash at 1/400th of a second.
July/August 1997
Spring 1997 issue (PDF format) - Twenty pages covering the Quantum Mechanic noise-reduction filter, a sneak-preview of v4 of Kodak's digital camera acquire module, plus features on analog cellular transmitting and getting better color with your digital camera.
April/May 1997
The Photoshop 4 issue (PDF format) - Photoshop 4 is the topic du jour, with an overview of its must-have features and an Actions how-to. Also, some important information on a battery recall affecting certain NC2000, DCS420 and DCS460 cameras.
February/March 1997
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