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2004-01 - Continued

The time it took to catalog 200 Nikon D100 JPEG photos in Extensis Portfolio 6.0.3 for Windows/6.1.3 for Mac was tested.

All results are in seconds, rounded to the nearest second. The fastest time for this task is in bold.

Dell Precision 450 Dual Xeon 3.06GHz w/2GB RAM, WinXP Pro
Apple Power Mac G5/2.0GHz Dual w/2GB RAM, OS X 10.3.2
Dell Precision 360 P4 3.2GHz w/2GB RAM, WinXP Pro
Apple Power Mac G5/1.8GHz w/2GB RAM, OS X 10.3.2
Catalog 200 D100 JPEG photos (Extract Thumbnail unchecked)
Testing Notes: Extract Thumbnail in Advanced Options was unchecked, to ensure that the program generated a 256 x 256 pixel thumbnail from the full resolution image data.

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