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Privacy Information  

User information
During your visit to this site, does not collect any user-identifiable information about you that you do not specifically volunteer. This information may be volunteered when you create an account in this site's forums. Even then, however, does not use that stored information for any purpose other than to allow you to log in and post messages.

Email addresses are submitted to receive a digest of site updates, as well as to send a page link via email. These addresses will not be redistributed or used for other than the reason for which they were submitted (and are not stored at all in the case of the page link via email function).

This web site does automatically collect certain non-user-identifiable information about you, such as the type of browser you use. This is standard practice for web sites, and is not used for any purpose other than to evaluate whether this site is properly designed for those who are visiting. This information is not distributed to anyone outside of Little Guy Media, the proprietor of the Rob Galbraith Digital Photography Insights web site.

This web site uses cookies to make it easier for repeat visitors to access this site. Cookies are used in the forums to keep track of which messages have been posted since your last visit, easing the navigation of the forums. Cookies can also store your forum user name and password so that you do not have to log in each time you want to post a message.

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